Monday, May 22, 2006

Het is nacht.
Het is donker.
Het is warm.

Er zijn touwen.
Er zijn geluiden.
Er zijn mensen,
die slapen.

Mijn hand neemt de jerrycan.
Mijn hand neemt de lucifers.
Mijn pad leidt naar het valluik.

Het maanlicht.
Romantiek is mij gegeven.
Ik schroef het luik dicht.
Voorzichtig. Zonder geluid.

Ik timmer het luik dicht.
Heelder klinknagels ram ik
door hun vernis.
Gestommel. Geroep in het ruim.

Ik open de jerrycan.
De benzine vloeit over het dek,
tussen de kieren, verdwijnt in spleten.
De lucifer waait uit.

Ik roei het bootje.
Weg van dit vikinggraf.
Lacrimosa van Mozart.

De vlam zit in de mast.
Het koor schreeuwt.
Het is mooi geweest.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

loVe is not all about receiving, but also giving.
loVe is about understanding.
loVe needs patient, prolonged patient.
uNconditionNal loVe brings happiness in an unexpected course.

loVe is indeed beautiful... in its own way...

And I... I'm still learning...
to understand loVe
to give affection instead of receiving
to show that i care by expecting nothing in return
and most importantly,
to posses uNconditioNal love in everything i do...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ah yes the blogging has picked up so as you may well suspect it is exam time again. I realized while reading through old blogs that most of them are themed but very few of them are of life in general. So, here is just some general stuff about life right now. I will try to leave my nonexistent love life out of this and try not to complain about the slightly demented wildlife again. Well, in other news ....

In approx. three weeks I will be going to Wales for lambing. Now, exactly what is lambing you may be asking? As Easter approaches the sheep await the impending birth of the babies they have been carrying for the last five months. It is my job to provide not only moral but also obstetrical support for those finding it difficult. Yes ladies and gents I have officially become a sheep OBGYN (well, not officially but you get the idea). In fact, yesterday we had a lab class on how to deliver lambs including some hands on stuff. No they weren't real sheep but rather "phantoms", aka steel boxes with anatomically correct parts, pelvis, and polythene uterus. It was actually quite helpful and hopefully my success will be repeated in real life.

Nicola and I will be living together next year and hopefully for the next four so when the great lambing is over we will begin the flat hunting process. It is something that I look forward to, its always fun to get new things, especially living places. We intend to stay in the West End which is where I live now rather than move near the vet school. The West End is closer to everything (except the vet school) making it easier to get downtown to go shopping!!!

I have found some little American extravagances in a little shop called Lupe Pinto's. We have discovered maple syrup, marshmallow fluff, reese's pieces, and Mt. Dew!!!!!! Unfortunately it is not diet and it also costs about $2.40 PER CAN. This is a subtle hint to those of you wondering what you could send me from home! Also, Cheerwine and beef jerky would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm .... what else. Entertainment is never low here in Glasgow. We continue to play board games with the peeps from Block 12, usually on a Friday night although here lately it has ended up being during the week. Went and saw "Walk the Line" not too long ago. Have to say Joaquinn Phoenix is not my favorite actor but I guess he did fine. If you haven't seen the movie I do recommend that you go, it's not bad.

Well, that's about it I'm afraid. I have a communications class to attend and I can't wait (unfortunately the sarcastic tone of this last comment was irretrievably lost in cyberspace). Hope that all reading this are well. Will talk to ya later!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

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